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Acond. Cacahuananche + Jalea Real

Products > Hair Premium Quality Formula

Cacahuananche: Strengthens and capillary stimulant. It has a regenerative effect.
Royal Yelly: Ideal for conditioning, give strength and shine to hair.
Jitomate: Provides strength, gloss and smoothness, contains vitamins and minerals..
Sábila: Moisturizing, nourishing and empoweringwith extensive action and hair follicle.
Keratina: Conditions and gives structure to hair, especially damaged hair.

It provides Softness, moisture, shine and helps against split ends and reduce hair static. The conditioner is like a moisturizer for hair, their use is essential in dry hair, split ends, dull, and seasons and summer with the sun. It repairs damaged hair by the sea water and too much sun.

Improved, now 550 ml, 50 ml free.

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