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Beautiful Sking Always

  • Nourishing & Moisturizing

  • Dry, sensitive , wrinkled and aged .

  • Natural antioxidant

  • Prevents the degeneration of the skin.

Helps nourish , hydrate and elasticity to the skin by the high content of vitamins , antioxidants and nutrients in donkey milk and royal jelly .

Donkey milk is known currently for its benefits to the skin. The first thing that comes to mind are the donkey milk bath enjoyed by Cleopatra .

Its use is coming, therefore, very old . Egypt, Greece , Rome , etc. . In all the great virtues cultures were always appreciated .

Donkey's milk is rich in nutrients. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins (A, B1 , B2 , B6 , C , D and E ) as dermatological properties are attributed . Specifically his great contribution of Retinol or Vitamin A ( antioxidant ) is primarily responsible for the skin 's regenerative capacity .

Royal Jelly is very antioxidant , slows aging and cell degeneration , with a great power of hydration and elasticity of the skin, which causes it to be widely used in natural cosmetics.

This product is not a medicine . External use only cosmetic . Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children . Keep in a cool, dry place .

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