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  • Extra moisturizing .

  • With Vitamins A, E and F.

  • With Collagen .

  • Facial and body use .

The aloe vera or aloe vera is one of those plants that further contributes to the skin properties of people. Its special consistency and , above all, the benefits that contains the pulp are innumerable and of all kinds to help the skin in different cases.

Is that the pulp of aloe or aloe vera have moisturizing , regenerating , anti-bacterial , antiseptic , antiinflammatory and refreshing to the skin even .

But aloe vera is used for face various circumstances . One of them is usually acne . Also for sunburn or skin-soothing aloe can function perfectly .

With daily use can help skin to stay toned and hydrated , eg preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.

Recommend use in infants irritated by the use of diapers. Its ingredients Collagen and Vitamins A, E and F moisturize and keep skin beautiful

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