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Over time, the ancient pre-Hispanic cultures and the various settlements distributed throughout Mexico use the natural life around. They knew well the benefits, properties and contraindications for health and beauty.

DEL INDIO PAPAGO initially incorporating available knowledge on desert plants located between Sonora and Arizona, including jojoba seed. The brand is created took the name from the natives of the region that widely known these plants and herbs.

Subsequently, our knowledge grows, using plants and herbs from around Mexico and going further incorporating plants known in Europe and even in Asia.

Currently, we offer an extensive line of products with botanical content-rich formulas and natural.

The results of our products are tested by loyal consumers who have used our products since 1980. Thanks to them our brand has remained on the market. Although day-to-day new and seemingly better PAPAGO INDIAN shampoos is backed by 30 years in the market. And always worrying continue to offer these benefits.


No exaggerated and expensive advertising campaigns, our products are backed by themselves, for the quality and benefits they give. Our main interest is to invest in the quality of our products.

Each product has PAPAGO INDIAN if thought to incorporate beneficial features of each plant, herb, or seed oil. We offer a number of additional benefits for every need.

DEL INDIO PAPAGO, is a symbol of NATURAL TRADITION, and KNOWLEDGE True in cleaning products and personal beauty.

Buy a product DEL INDIO PAPAGO and send us your comments, surely you have something to say.

Tradition and qualitu with you since 1980.


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