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Shampoo Tomato  "DEL INDIO PAPAGO ®"


Tomato Extract Shampoo "Del Indio Papago" provides vitamins and promotes hair growth. Hair grows faster, smoother and shinier. For opaque hair, damaged and dull, using this shampoo will notice your hair more shiny and silky from the first wash and with constant use will help the growth of your hair.

The tomato is a 100% Mexican fruit whose use dates from the time when the Aztecs used it.

This shampoo can be used for:

Wavy manes: or curls helps get that effect defined and a softness that it shows.
Tendency to baldness: provides natural antioxidants that remove dead cells and allowing the hair follicle to breathe hair grow stronger and develop.
Lack of brightness: contains vitamins that restore hair's natural shine.

Added with Vitamin B5
that penetrates the hair, helps your growth and vitality.

Available in 750 ml.

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